The scientific body of knowledge exposes how, when, where, why, and by whom your products have been put to work (or could be in the future). PubGrade Research Analytics allows you to answer these key questions related to Marketing and Sales of life-scientific products and services.

The service allows you to drill into scientific literature, using any context you define. Within that context, you can investigate published research along a variety of dimensions, supplied by the scientific research community, PubGrade, or freely defined by yourself in your private repository of relevant subjects/concepts.

Learn about the history and the potentials within the scientific contexts related to your products. No matter if the subject of your investigations is an area of research, a target protein, or a disease -
PubGrade Research Analytics brings you closer to the individual research artefact, any subject's historical trending, and provides actionable insights into the key prospects behind published research.

Perspectives into Research Articles & Grant Projects

PubGrade Research Analytics provides three main views into Research Articles and Grant Project Data. Combined with the
rich export files available, they form a powerful suite of tools that can resolve a variety of tasks, including generation of
Product Citation Lists, Historical Trending, Competitive Analyses and Prospect Lead Lists.




Technological Approach

PubGrade invests heavily into custom technology that is capable of extracting & standardizing raw Affiliation Data from published Research and Grant information.
Today you can browse the entire corpus of PubMed, portions of PubMed Central, and NIH Grant Data along standardized dimensions including Authors (first, last, all), affiliated Organization/Company and the corresponding Country/City.

Work on Author Name Disambiguation is in progress, soon resulting in individual Researcher Profiles that assign custom Researcher IDs and maximize certainty that whereever details are aggregated into one Profile that information is correct and up-to-date.

Besides the common set of metadata PubMed and NIH Grants include, we map and import a growing number of additional external data sources, already including e.g. the human-curated subset of UniProtKB/SwissProt.

For CRM Profiles (coming soon), we bring our data and your CRM closer together to increase your knowledge about and open new channels to your key prospects (through i.e. Social Media Campaigns and Advertising).

Unique Features

  • Faceted Navigation plus strong Keyword Search of Articles & Grants
  • Custom Facets you can freely define as needed for Searching, Tagging and Pivoting
  • Proximity Search makes sure your query terms match in the sequence you define
  • Standardization of Affiliations and Author Names makes sure you match what you are looking for
  • Author Disambiguation generates Profiles with maximum precision
  • Taggable Export Files provide a great basis for various derived use cases