If you deploy digital display advertising campaigns as part of your marketing tactics, you will almost certainly be struggling to consolidate performance data in one place. And very likely, the data provided to you about your campaigns from the publishers you work with will be scarce and deliver no real insights. Even if you use your own ad serving system to track campaign delivery, reporting detail will be comparably low, and there won't be any focus on relevant scientific dimensions.

PubGrade Campaign Monitoring allows you to gain a whole new level of transparency into how your campaigns perform - where, when, and likely even why. PubGrade originally built the system for internal use, we have now opened it up to help our clients acquire detailed, comparable results. Campaign Monitoring keeps track of all the campaigns you run with PubGrade, in real-time. Besides that, it can monitor any campaigns you directly book with scientific publishers. This enables you to have all campaign data in one place, and extra levels of detail on top. Imagine you had your own ad server and best-in-class reporting, with as little operational effort as possible.

Transparency through unified 3rd Party Tags

Access to PubGrade's Campaign Monitoring is available on-demand for free if you run Contextual Targeting Campaigns
at scale directly through PubGrade on our Partner Inventory. For all your other direct bookings at i.e. scientific Publishers, we can provide
replacements for your Creative that make sure data for these campaigns' data show up in Campaign Monitoring as well.
As a result, all your display campaign data reside in one spot and can easily be reported on as PDF or XLS/CSV whenever needed.

  • Creative

    You provide a Creative file
    - or -
    a Tag exported from your
    existing Ad Server

  • Tag Generation

    We import the materials into the PubGrade Platform and return a JavaScript Tag

  • Submission

    You pass the Tag on to the Publisher you directly booked your Campaign with

  • Launch

    Publisher trafficks the PubGrade Tag like any other 3rd Party Creative

  • Reporting

    As soon as the Campaign starts, data show up in PubGrade Campaign Monitoring (and optionally your own Ad Server as well)

Fraud Detection through Transparency

Source: Two-day excerpt from data of an actual PubGrade client, as visualized in Campaign Monitoring.
The client ran a digital banner campaign at a renowned publishing house, and had it delivered and monitored through PubGrade 3rd-Party Tags.

Chart 1: For these two days, publisher would have reported a Click-through-Rate (CTR) of 3.063%. The hourly view exposes suspicious traffic and click distribution patterns, peaking around noon CET on both days. Other drill-down views into the data show that almost all of the traffic stemmed from anonymized networks and cloud hosting servers.

Chart 2: From a distance, as the publisher would have reported on a monthly basis, data only suggest an astounding engagement rate (CTR of 1,722% in March). There is no chance to really interprete or evaluate Campaign Performance from such perspective. Raw, unaggregated event data as available through our services allow for flexibility and detailed insights.

Key Features & Benefits


  • Can extend/replace your Ad Server (see "3P Tagging")
  • Real-Time Campaign Reporting
  • Web Views plus XLS/CSV Export
  • Pivot your main view data by any other dimension you choose
  • Faceted Navigation
  • Flexible Time Series Rendering, down to the hour
  • Easily identify suspicious inventory and campaigns


  • Continent, Country, City
  • Order, Campaign, Creative
  • Publisher, Ad Unit
  • Organization / ISP
  • Targeted Contextual Concept


  • Impressions, Clicks, CTR
  • Month, Day, Hour, Hour-Of-Day
  • PubGrade Viewability, Average Time-In-View, Total Screen Time

3P Tagging

  • Works with all direct bookings at Publishers using standard Ad Servers
  • You pass your Creatives to PubGrade first
  • PubGrade "wraps" the Creative in a Tag you can the pass on to the Publisher
  • The Tag makes sure impressions and clicks get reported in PubGrade Campaign Monitoring
  • You gain real-time and detailled Reporting in one place