Every day, PubGrade's systems analyze the content of research publications and match them against large databases of relevant scientific concepts. The results of these analyses become available in PubGrade Contextual Targeting: In cooperation with our clients, we tap the data and create a context definition that maximizes the relevance of your advertising placements. Your banner ads will be displayed right next to publication abstracts or full texts that have significant contextual overlap with the product or service you're marketing.

PubGrade Contextual Targeting allows you to minimize overhead and reach only the most promising prospects. Especially for clients who target a niche of the market, this approach allows to generate long-term visibility for product and brand with maximum precision. By identifying the literature your prospects read, we can promote your products and brand to them before they may know and search for you, creating awareness early in the funnel.

A fully-managed & transparent
Digital Advertising Service for Life Sciences

PubGrade makes the setup process straight-forward: Simply provide a set of keywords, relevant concepts or product details, and our team members and systems do all the extra research and other work required to prepare your tailor-made contextual campaign for launch. At any point in the process we can integrate optional feedback loops, so you have the final say and enjoy full transparency.

  • Context

    Your input is turned into a targeting definition that carefully selects relevant articles using various options.

  • Forecasting

    We then estimate the monthly impression volume, so we can strip down by becoming more relevant or extend to increase your reach.

  • Launch

    Provide the creative you already have, or let PubGrade's team design one for you. Getting ready for Launch!

  • Reporting

    After Launch, you gain real-time insights into your campaign performance through our Campaign Monitoring suite. You will also receive comprehensive reporting documents each month by email.

  • Optimization

    As insights come in, make them actionable and adjust targeting parameters to contexts that work best

Does Contextual Relevance affect Performance?

Source: Life-time campaign data for an actual PubGrade client, as visualized in Campaign Monitoring.
2.54 million impressions were targeted contextually and delivered between 2014 and 2016,
using various Contextual Targeting setups, revisions thereof, and creatives.

x-axis: An indicator for the depth of the contextual match between the embedding research article (ad placement) and the campaign's subject (as modeled through Contextual Targeting).
y-axes: Total impressions served (left), number of clicks (right).

What Clients Say

"PubGrade has shown better results than traditional banner advertising in our marketing campaigns. They worked with us to optimize our targeting and content resulting in more than 2 fold improvement in our engagements rates."

Stephanie Peacock
Novus Biologicals - a bio-techne brand

"I have run multiple online banner campaigns with PubGrade and can only say that I am very pleased with the services of their team as well as the outstanding results generated by their context-sensitive advertising technology. I am very satisfied and see PubGrade as our preferred option in online banner advertising to Life Science market."

Hong-Gee Lee, Ph.D.
PBL Assay Science

"We have found that the increase in our Chromobodies sales is directly related to the pubgrade campaigns we are running. Using tracking parameters, we can see that new customers were acquired through the channel of targeted banner advertising. For the first time we are able to calculate an advertising ROI and evaluate positive advertising effects."

Dr. Katrin Schmidthals