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The only proven Contextual Advertising platform designed for academic publishers

Generate incremental revenues and turn your unused page views into a sustainable revenue stream. Our contextual targeting engine and workspace enables your sales, ad ops and internal marketing teams to deliver better targeted campaigns with more detailed reporting.

The Only Proven Contextual Advertising Platform Designed Specifically For Academic And Societal Publishers

Our contextual advertising platform enables you to reach audiences directly through the research content they consume, matching your ads to their specific interests without tracking their reading behavior.

And our real-time campaign monitoring and management functions provide more transparency and more granular reporting, improving ROI for advertisers and securing recurring cash flow for you.

Eliminate the need for multiple tools and vendors

Only PubGrade offers:

  • Superior high-precision contextual targeting & forecasting
  • Heatmaps and Viewability /Time-in-View measurements
  • In-Context Previews and Tear Sheets
  • Growing network of advertisers to help monetize your content

Unleash the value of unsold inventory across your entire portfolio

If you’re still selling impressions by journal, you’re leaving a lot of untapped revenue on the table – and a lot of unsold inventory in your hands.

With PubGrade, you can sell packaged, specialist impressions across all journals where relevant content exists, reaching a much wider audience and increasing product exposure.

Break down content silos and monetize all your impressions

Contextual Advertising suite offers:

  • Cross-journal contextual targeting
  • Rapid turn-around from inquiry to tailor-made contextual ad inventory forecast
  • Detailed forecasting, broken down by month and placement
  • Publisher-branded PDF reporting and forecasting/pitch documents
  • Streamlined targeting setup prepared by scientific consulants

Reduce operational costs and increase internal efficiency

Allow your ad operations and sales teams to be more efficient and focused by leveraging our unique combination of specialized technology and scientific service consultants. Free your sales team from the drudgery of administrative tasks or creating high-performance targeting setups for scientific manufacturers. Let them do what they do best - selling ad space and delivering to marketers the highly targeted campaigns that make them shine. 

Streamline your processes by managing your campaigns, monitoring performance, and generating highly detailed and actionable reports - all from one powerful platform. Alternatively, outsource all specialist tasks to PubGrade and our dedicated team of scientific consultants.

Generate sustainable, incremental revenue for you and your clients

PubGrade offers:

  • Trusted partner to outsource costly in-house developments
  • Various integration options
  • Experienced ad tech team, focusing on academic publishers' needs
  • Powerful data protection, with no cookies

Stop Sending Everyone The Same Message

Support your other revenue-generating activities with more focused internal marketing campaigns.

Researchers, healthcare professionals, and members of professional associations and societies visit journal websites every day looking for articles relevant to their niche. A creative with no obvious significance to their area of expertise ends up ignored.

Boost the efficiency of your internal marketing team by leveraging the countless audience touchpoints you generate every day into precision-targeted messages that will appeal to a specific audience. Encourage journal submissions, drive traffic to specific article collections, and generate sign-ups for tracks for your annual meetings and conferences.

Put The Power Of Our Platform To Work For You

We offer one powerful platform enabling multiple solutions that will impact and influence key elements of your marketing and sales strategies.

Put The Power Of Our Platform To Work For You

Frequently Asked Questions

We can cover all or part of these aspects for you. You will still have full transparency on what kind of advertisers and campaigns are running and we can set up processes and systems where you remain in full control. 

Just give us a call and we'll look into your use cases and how you can benefit from our solutions. We try hard to enable smaller societies and associations to benefit from our technology stack to generate paid advertising revenues, but also to leverage the technology for internal marketing.

Yes. We have developed contextual campaign forecasting technology that for any given campaign will be able to tell you and your advertisers the number of impressions available.

Our solutions are not exclusively tied to life sciences or medical content. Just give us a call and we will look into your use cases and talk about how you can benefit from our solutions.