Research Analytics

Better insights lead to better strategies.

Discover who’s using your product, how and where they’re using it, and why.

Better insights lead to better strategies.
Research Analytics

Research publications, grants, clinical trials and conference posters provide life science companies with a wealth of actionable data.

They can feed sales and marketing tactics and strategies, as well as support product development and management.

Research Analytics helps you dig into a significant body of scientific knowledge in order to discover the details of product use across multiple research disciplines, providing insight and potential for future business growth opportunities.

Enhance productivity across your entire team

Free your sales and marketing teams to do what they do best

Each PubGrade license enables up to 50 users and unlimited downloads - so you can support multiple stakeholders and use cases, simultaneously. Stakeholders can search and export relevant output, and receive alerts via email with new results on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The more you know about your customers and prospects...

… the more empowered your teams will be. PubGrade Research Analytics includes complimentary options to enrich the contact details in your CRM.

The more time your team spends searching manually for product citations...

… the less time they have for the work that really matters. PubGrade Research Analytics includes special access to our Matching Engine, which can be used for identification of product citations – and much more.

The more digital ads you place, the more prospects you reach by chance.

Or you can advertise your products and services with contextually targeted banner campaigns on many original journal websites, to prospects that read the exact content online that you searched for in Research Analytics.

Put The Power Of Our Platform To Work For You

We offer one powerful platform enabling multiple solutions that will impact and influence key elements of your marketing and sales strategies.

Put The Power Of Our Platform To Work For You

Frequently Asked Questions

The service will help you identify and extract scientific leads who are engaged in the relevant research areas or have mentioned relevant products - for example, previous versions of your new product or your competitors' equivalent products. Your sales team can use these insights strategically to approach these leads. If you're using our Contextual Advertising service to generate awareness and leads, you can further support your product launch with a display ads campaign, targeting specifically readers of publications dealing with relevant research or mentioning relevant product names.

Our smallest license includes 10 seats, larger licenses can go up to 50. As we charge a flat fee, the number of seats a client can assign is dependent on their needs, and not affordability.

You can download as much as you like. Due only to technical restrictions there are limits regarding the maximum number of rows that can be exported per file.

Our license for small companies and start-ups starts at 7,200 EUR per year. As a standard, it comes with 10 seats. Complementary contingents are included for Contact Enrichment matches as well as Product Catalogue Citation processing.